Sarka Pancochova

Sarka Pancochova

Von: Uh.Hradiste Age: 25

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Birth Date: 11/01/1990

Birth Place:  Uh.Hradiste, Czech Republic

Currently living: Zlin, Czech Republic; Breckenridge,CO

Sponsors: Volcom, Flow, Red Bull, Zeal optics, Level, Chimpanzee energy bar, Unequal



Instagram: @sarkasnow 

Twitter: @sarkasnow

What do you love the most about being a pro snowboarder and what is the toughest part: I love being free and doing what I love the most as my job. I think that’s the biggest goal in anyone’s life.

How do you mentally prepare youself for a contest: Usually for me, contests are not about competing against anyone else but my self. But it depends how much in tune I can get with the situation. It takes years to be a wise and great competitor. I feel like I learn from my mistakes and do better every time. Breathing is a good exercise to do right before I drop in. It brings me back to the present moment.

How do you describe your style: Poky - I poke as much as I can. Haha!!

What do you like to do during your down time (when you are not snowboarding): Rock climbing is something I love almost as much as snowboarding. It makes me strong and it’s a great challenge. Surfing is of course an awesome summer activity.

What do you think about the current situation of snowboarding and the contest battle of TTR and FIS: I would love for snowboarding to not be part of a ski federation. But as we all know there is a lot of politics, especially around Olympics and I don’t think FIS will give up the money from snowboarding that easy. But I hope eventually we will have only one pro tour and one amateur qualifying tour. That’s the plan for the future.

What's more inspiring to you at this moment, love and happiness or money and fame: Always love and happiness. Money and fame are fake (but fun for a little bit).

What's the secret to your fit body: Rock climbing and hiking pipe.

Fancy restaurant or local night club: Root down, Denver - Great place to go hang out with friends and to grab something to eat and drink.

What makes Volcom Women's so unique: There is something about being a Volcom athlete. You have to be badass in some kind of way and it applies to us girls as well. We are badass chicas.

What do you want the girls out there reading to never forget: When you do a favor for somebody, don’t expect things in return. Do it from pure kindness. It will come back to you eventually.

And snowboard for fun always (:







Costa Rica's Gold - Surf Team Goes South!
So we took a trip to Costa Rica to shoot our all-new Fall boardshorts & swimwear collections, and instead of ending the story right now with "and the rest is history," we'd like to give you a little insight into our majestic journey to the rugged Central American country. Enter Balaram Stack, Coco Ho, Nate Tyler, Maud Le Car, Ryan Burch, Quincy Davis, and Andrew "Droid" Doheny. Picture a desolate rainforest and narrow unstructured dirt roads echoed by a variety of bird chips and animal calls only to be triumphed by thoughts racing through your head of "where's the beach and how fast can we get there." 3,400+ miles from the nearest home in California, obvious transplants (no help from Balaram & Droid's bleached hair), and a crew full of expensive surfboards and camera equipment is your scene. photos by Tom Carey Quickly finding the way to our newly-found two-week home w/ an epic pool inside a quaint little village, we linked up with local legend Tony Roberts who is a mastermind that paved the way for the community down here by designing skateparks and running various surf tours. After ripping through some fun spots inside the village, and getting weird in the neighboring jungle, we hopped on a friend's boat and made our voyage to the famous Witch's Rock. For any surfer, Witch's is a bucket list mission and our journey there was one for the books! Witch's Rock Our goal was to shoot the team in our new boardshorts and swimwear collections, get some rad action shots, explore the land, and simply have a good time on this journey through a quest for spiritual intoxication. And we got that. But we got more, a lot more. Take a ride with us through a captivating feel-good photo book from our Costa Rican adventure: Droid: pro surfer, pro model.  Maud Le Car (left)Coco Ho (center)Quincy Davis (right) Coco Ho Ryan Burch w/ one of his hand-shaped mystical twin fins Quincy Davis (left)Coco Ho (middle)Maud Le Car (right) Quincy Davis       Buddies Oh hey, Quincy Droid rips! Once Balaram goes underwater, weird things happen (keep scrolling for more eerie photos of Balaram underwater)   Nate Tyler Quincy Davis photo by Brian BielmannRyan Burch (left)Nate Tyler (right) Maud Le Car (left)Quincy Davis (right) Maud Le Car ...and here begins the pool shenanigans w/ Burch, Balaram and Droid Balaram likes his peace and quiet Droid wanted to hang w/ Balaram so he came down to sing him a song. "Hello darkness my old friend..." Balaram Stack: Resin Swirl Tee + Liberation Slinger boardshorts Droid Balaram Stack & Ryan Burch Ryan Burch (left)Andrew Doheny (right): This dude in the background is kinda creepin' us out. Andrew Doheny trying to escape Costa Rica     Maud Le Car, Quincy Davis, Coco Ho - Volcom Women's Surf Balaram, Burch, Droid, beach huttin' Balaram on his transcontinental journey
Volcom Stone Introduces Ryan Burch for Psychic Migrations
Volcom Stone presents Psychic Migrations, a Veeco Film Production directed by Ryan Thomas. Coming September 2015. - Music - Song: Brush Artist: Bitchin Bajas Release: Bitchin Bajas Courtesy of Drag City Records iTunes: Amazon (vinyl):   Photo: Bielmann
Bob & Sink: The Trial and Error of Ryan Burch
Ryan Burch looks at things differently "outside of the box” you could definitely say when considering conventional board design? He tests these theory’s quite like no other by creating and shaping them and proving these designs sucessfully in all types of conditions.Fitting in at Mundaka ever so smooth while here at the end of last year testing a board made at a friends shop in Irun in the Basque Country.