Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis

Von: New York Age: 21

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Birth Date: 05/18/1995

Birthplace: South Hampton, New York

Currently living: Montauk NY in the Summer and Fall and Puerto Rico for the Spring and Winter.

Years surfing: 7 years

Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Bill Johnson Surfboards, Volcom Creedlers, Nixon

What do you love most about being a pro surfer, and what’s the toughest part: I love being able to travel around the world with some of my best friends doing what I love most. The feeling after surfing all day is the best! I think the toughest part about about being a pro surfer used to be trying to do school work as well as travel a lot, but now that I have graduated it is much easier.

Which style of music do you listen to before a heat: I like a wide variety of music genres, it can go from a super girly pop song to rap. I like Jay-z 's new album right now.

What do you think it takes to be number one: Focus and confidence with your surfing.

What is your motto in life: Everything happens for a reason- I think of this line a lot when something isn't going the way I wanted it to.. it helps! haha

What do you like to do during your down time (when you’re not surfing): I like hanging with friends, shopping, reading and downloading/ listening to new music.

Dress or jeans: Jeans more than dresses.

Do you prefer staying in and having a mellow movie night or going out with friends: The majority of the time I prefer a mellow movie night.. except special occasions it fun to get all dressed up and go out with the girls.

Out of all the places you have traveled to, which place stands out and why: Maldives, its beautiful and has picture perfect waves!

What is your go to meal the night before a contest: Nothing in particular..something more on the healthy side I guess.

What makes Volcom Women’s so unique: I think Volcom Women's has the most awesome team! All the girls from surfing to snowboarding to skating are all so cool and fun to hang out with. Were all so different but get along so well!


Volcom Snow's The Launch - Watch Now!
Last month our Volcom Snow ams, better known as the Stone Army crew, loaded up the RV and charged up to Bear Mountain for Snowboarder Magazine’s ninth annual The Launch 2016 presented by Volcom. The Launch is an assembly of age 21 and under riders handpicked by the Snowboarder Magazine crew for a 4 day media shred frenzy, and this year it was brought back to the San Bernadino mountains and constructed by the Bear Mountain crew full of endless rails, transition and kicker possibilities. Despite some windy, blizzard, and sometimes great conditions the boys were on fire with non-stop bell-to-bell action! When it was all said and done, Brock Crouch was awarded Standout and 10 yr old Aussie Valentino Guseli took home the Super Grom award for charging almost every feature in the park! Benny Milam was amongst the very few to step to this massive gap to boardslide (photo: Tom Monterosso) Gabe Ferguson kicking out a grasser with a perfect tranny finder (photo: Tom Monterosso) 10 yr old super grom Valentino Guseli FS air over the gap (photo: Tom Monterosso)
One run with Marcus Kleveland at the Launch!
Our camera wizard Seth Huot followed Volcom snowboarder Marcus Kleveland for a top-to bottom run during the Launch at Big Bear earlier this spring. Marcus sends it, delivers and truly makes snowboarding look like a video game. Enjoy
Marcus Kleveland dominates at the Norwegian National Champs
Video credit: process films Marcus Kleveland took 1st place at the Norwegian Champs in slope Style AND Big Air, both in junior and senior divisions, for a total of 4 medals at Trysil-Norway this weekend. That’s a decent pay-off for a weekend’s work. His signature triple was thrown down already in training, then in the final, Marcus winning run consisted of a Cab double 12 to BS double 12, Cab 270 on to 270 off the rail and bs lip to fakie on the wallride.. Watch part of his run here! Go Marcus!
Ride with Marcus Kleveland Elooa Camp
Last weekend the 2nd ever “Ride with Me” camp, featuring Marcus Kleveland went down at our partner resort Kitzsteinhorn.. This is a camp where a max of 30 campers can sign up to for four days of fun and coaching in the park by Marcus himself, the amazing Mary Luggen and Elooa coaches... Nedless to say, the camp was fully booked. Everyone stays and eats together at the upscale Youth Hostel named Jufa down in Kaprun, where new friends for life are made over cold drinks and photo & video analysis of the days riding at night. Elooa Camps is run by a former Volcom rider and they offer trips and camps ranging from splitboarding to Japow to Heliboarding in BC. Have a look here yourself: ELOOA Then sign up for a chance to ride with other Volcom snowboarders such as Markus Keller, Mary Luggen and Sarka Panchochova. Big thanks to Heinz, his team and Kitzsteinhorn for this great weekend. Check out the video Marcus mid Spin, in fron of a beautiful back drop Fs board Crail on the hip, wearing next year’s Brighton Pullover Volcom’s Guide jackets also work excellent in the park
Air and Style Innsbruck 2016
Volcom snowboarder Marcus Kleveland and Torgeir Kleveland got 2nd and 3rd place at Air & Style Innsbruck... Vernon was of course there, watch the video here.
Congrats to Marcus Kleveland and Torgeir Bergrem for 2nd and 3rd place at the 2016 Innsbruck Air&Style
Wow, what a weekend it’s been in Innsbruck… The venue of the Air&Style had been shifted from the Bergisel Olympic Ski Jumping Stadium to downtown Innsbruck to accommodate even more fans. And they came out in huge numbers, no less than 17500 tickets were sold.. Hopefully, most of them came to see the snowboarding, not the trance/dance/rave/jungle/German hip hop sound on offer. Aside from that though, the set up was amazing and everything went according to schedule until the wind kicked in.. A gnarly föhnwind started blowing from the south, up from the Brenner Pass with a strength more resemblant of coastal climates.. It was so strong that sponsor banners started flying and jumping was out of the question. After the completion of round 2, the semis and finals had to becancelled, leaving Sebastian “Toot’s” Toutant in first place, Marcus Kleveland in 2nd and Torgeir Bergrem in 3rd. Huge congratulations to our boys, who of course were handsomely rewarded for their aerial efforts come night time, but that’s another story. For a quik summary of “who did what, check the below video. And thanks to VD for stunning photos.. Stay tuned for VD’s A&S video dropping this thursday Here’s a summary of the best riding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOKIFzpEAUM And if you want to see all jumps from round two, click here and watch the bottom video.. Commentary in English http://www.redbull.com/at/de/snow/stories/1331775268504/air-and-style-sebastien-toutant-triumphiert