Leon Glatzer

Leon Glatzer

Von: Pavones Age: 19

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Birth Date: 02/28/1997

Birth Place: Maui, Hawaii

Currently Living: Pavones, Costa Rica

Years Surfing: 8

Sponsors: Volcom, Fatum Surfboards, Smith Optics, Globe, FCS

Favorite Spot: Pavones

Favorite country: France

Goals: European Junior Champ

First board: FATUM surfboard when I was 6

Warm Ups: Running and Good Music

What gets you motivated to surf?: Watching videos of the pro’s how they surf and then getting out there and trying the same stuff.

Side Tracks: Motocross and soccer

Music/Band: Green day

Videos/Movies: Lost Atlas

Best style: Dane Reynolds

Random Information: Im really into painting my own boards

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Dirty Sky Jean

Favorite Boardshorts:  Anihilator Paintwash

One thing you can't leave home without: My Phone

Special Thanks: To my family, all my sponsors, friends, and the whole Volcom Crew

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is Leon Glatzer, some people call me Chicho . I would best describe my hometown as the best place to be I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been is France, because the country is beautifull, fun waves and a lot of hot girls but It’s a llitle expensive, by far most worse trip ever was right infront of my house, we went for a surf and fishing trip and the boat motor died far away from shore and we were stuck for 4 hours and it was really scary!



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