Harry Lintell

Harry Lintell

Von: Ashford Age: 24

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Birth Date: 06/10/91

Birth Place: Gravesend, England.

Currently live: I live in a small town in the south east of England called Ashford.

Years skating: I landed my first kickflip when i was 12 or 13 and have been hooked since, so 10 years now.

Years skating for Volcom: 4/5 years

Sponsors: My sponsors are Volcom clothing, Converse shoes, Ace trucks,  MOB grip, Ricta wheels, Real Skateboards and Black Sheep Store.

Favorite spot to skate: My favorite spot to skate is south bank. Long live sb!

Favorite country: My favorite country to skate that I have been to is Spain. There are so many hidden spots that are amazing all over Spain. I want to travel as much as possible and have the chance to skate new and differents street spots.

First board: I think the first board I got was a birdhouse Andrew Reynolds grim ripper board. I don't remember what trucks or wheels I had.

What motivates me to skate:  What motivates me to skate is going out and having fun with your mates. Seeing new tricks or just mucking around have fun, even just warming up at a spot with your mates is a laugh haha...

Warm ups: I try to get some stretch in before a skate. Just get the blood flowing. I normally forget to warm down after would haha...

Side tracks: Due to injury and largely boredom over the last year I have been learning the trumpet, which seems to sidetrack me a lot sometimes.

Music: I like to listen to most styles and types of music. From heavy stuff too really cheesy stuff (haha) and everything in between. I listen to a lot of golden oldies music at the minute.

Videos/movies: A new video I have seen this year is Cold War by Zero. But my favorite one is still Alien Workshop by Mind Field.

Best style: That's an hard one to pick man! I guess it's between Heath Kirchart and Dennis Busenitz. They both go so fast, it is sick!

Random information: I have a good friend haha and life time pet bert the talking African gray parrot

Favorite Volcom jeans/pants: Chino pants! So good for skating in.

One thing you can't leave home without:  My headphones. There is nothing worse then been stuck on a plane with crying babys or snoring people haha...

Special thanks: Skateboarding! To my family and friends. And a big thanks to Volcom and Christian.


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