Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor

Von: Atlanta Age: 24

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Birth Date: 10/30/1991

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Currently Living: Atlanta, Georgia

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Volcom, Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Independent, Spitfire Wheels, Stratosphere Skateshop


Markus Keller on the cover of Sequence Magazine Italy
Congrats to Markus Keller and Matt Georges for scoring yet another cover, shot in the magical Volcom Team house side country
Markus Keller on the cover of the latest issue of Frequency Mag
Congrats to Mä and french photographer Matt Georges for landing the cover of Feinschmecker magazine Frequency… The trick in question is a huge fs 7, shot in the Volcom Snow Team house backcountry. Congrats boys!  
Markus Keller on the cover of Method Mag¹s Product issue
Yup, that's Keller for you, on a 183 swallow tail in the massive Laax pipe. You try riding one of those on the slope next time you go riding.. Bravo Markus
Markus Keller get the cover of the latest issue of Pleasure Magazine
Markus got a new Nitro Cannon 183cm swallow tail board early this season, the equivalent of a Rhino Chaser in Surfing. The pow never came, but Keller took an intense liking to his pow gun, to the point where he started riding it in the pipe, even using it during the Burton Euro Open. Lorenz Holder captured him at the apex of a huge melon air to fakie. I wish you could hear him landing this trick, the closest thing it resembles that comes to mind is a heavily overweight person being smacked on the ass with a huge pata negra ham leg. Congrats to Markus for the cover and the innovation !
Levi Luggen, DBK and Markus Keller go Nipple Deep at home
If you're Swiss and King Winter happens to be around there's no need to travel. Few countries can rightfully brag about riding as spectacular as Switzerland. But why take out word for it? Look for yourself.
Somewhere in the Southern Alps, King Winter had a FEAST!
Last winter in the northern alps was a sad story indeed. Man made snow at best. However, those with minimum insight into meteorology & history did not despair.. All you had to do was to head the opposite direction of Hannibal, when crossing the alps, and voilà, you were rewarded with a snow pack up to 5 meters deep. Volcom riders DBK (aka Danger Dave/David Bertschinger Karg) and Markus Keller from Switzerland always do their homework, thus not only did they escape the crowds, but scored epic powder days week after week. Here's a little insight into a hard day at work from last Jan/Feb. If riding powder is your path AND destination, then Volcom's Guide Proven Technology gear is just what you need. Dave and Markus refuse to wear anything else. Photo: Vernon Deck Video: Pirmin Juffinger