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In a small town called Wörgl, located in the tyrol alps between the riptide of the Inn and landscapes that spreads subtle vibes as soon as you cross the border, you will find a handcrafted skatepark being one of the best in its field.

A DIY project that got triggered by Roman “Asti” Astleitner & Marco owner of the local skate shop Pilotto and which is now – after 13 years of construction – one of the most stunning, fun and beastly skateparks you will find in all over Europe.

Not least because of that, Skateboarders from all over Europe visit Wörgl year after year for a mandatory stop while crossing the Alps.

So after the last part of the skatepark was being finished this year, we decided that it was finally time to unleash the concrete beast with an opening party that worships the hard work.

The mixture was as easy as it could get – 2000€ cash for tricks, custom made Volcom X Wörgl X Independent truck trophies, a pigling BBQ, live music and cold austrian refreshments.

We’d like to thank all of the locals and workers like Ralf Edlinger, Alex Kapfinger, Hannes Sautner, Peter Stromberger Leo Teissl, Roman Erhart that made this skatepark come to life. More over we’d like to thank Roman Astleitner as the head of this project, the Pilotto skateshop, Muckefuck Urethane, Mark Scott & Joey Martin (Dreamland Skateparks), Chet Childress, Willis Kimbel, Emil Kästle and all of the other helping hand

Pictures by Theo Acworth

001_Harry Lintell_ByTheoAcworth-6399 Kopie

Harry Lintell By Theo Acworth

002_Piglings and cold ones for the peeps_ByTheoAcworth-6606 Kopie

Piglings and cold ones for the peeps

003_pigling_ByTheoAcworth-6400 Kopie


004_Victor Pellegrin controlling the DJ game_ByTheoAcworth-6410

Victor Pellegrin controlling the DJ game

005_Vicotr also handles backside floaters like a boss_ByTheoAcworth-6819

Victor also handles backside floaters like a boss

006_Victor Pellegrin smith grind_ByTheoAcworth-7288 Kopie

Victor Pellegrin smith grind

007_Tim Rebensdorf rides the wave with his eyecatching frontside grinds_ByTheoAcworth-6424

Tim Rebensdorf rides the wave with his eyecatching frontside grinds

008_Tim Rebensdorf fs tail nosegrab_ByTheoAcworth-6442

Tim Rebensdorf fs tail nosegrab

009_DIY views_ByTheoAcworth-7341 Kopie

DIY views



011_Sebi Fox_ByTheoAcworth-6694-2

Sebi Fox

012_Sebi Fox fs smith grind_ByTheoAcworth-6682

Sebi Fox fs smith grind

013_Harry Lintell_ByTheoAcworth-7168

Harry Lintell

014_Harry Lintell Backside Flip_ByTheoAcworth-6790

Harry Lintell Backside Flip

015_Harrys flawless backlip_ByTheoAcworth-7130 Kopie

Harrys flawless backlip

016_David Heuberger frontside five-o

David Heuberger frontside five-o



018_David Kirchler cruisin it_ByTheoAcworth-6811

David Kirchler cruisin it

019_Aron Prazeller Boneless_ByTheoAcworth-7176

Aron Prazeller Boneless



021_Ralf Edlinger Backtail_ByTheoAcworth-6596

Ralf Edlinger Backtail

022_Gregor Senfter Frontside Grind_ByTheoAcworth-7265

Gregor Senfter Frontside Grind

023_NameMissing Transfer_ByTheoAcworth

NameMissing Transfer

024_Stjepan Lovric blasting a massive frontside air_ByTheoAcworth-6520

Stjepan Lovric blasting a massive frontside air

025_Even better with this view_ByTheoAcworth-7368

Even better with this view

026_Santino Exenberger killed it big time in the Miniramp_ByTheoAcworth-7389

Santino Exenberger killed it big time in the Miniramp

027_Marco Kada frontside flip_ByTheoAcworth-7396 Kopie

Marco Kada frontside flip

028_Tim Rebensdorf frontside air hang up_ByTheoAcworth-7439 Kopie

Tim Rebensdorf frontside air hang up

029_Tim Rebensdorf fs stiffy 360_ByTheoAcworth-7463-2

Tim Rebensdorf fs stiffy 360

030_What a beast of a DIY Park. Big Up to Roman Astleitner and his crew for this sick project_ByTheoAcworth-7508

What a beast of a DIY Park. Big Up to Roman Astleitner and his crew for this sick project

031_The Misantöpics_

The Misantröpics

032_The Misantöpics_

The Misantröpics

033_Winners of the kids division - David Kirchler, Aron Prazeller, Georg Greisinger, Lukas Pair, Marcel Schöllauf

Winners of the kids division - David Kirchler, Aron Prazeller, Georg Greisinger, Lukas Pair, Marcel Schöllauf

034 Kopie


034_Thanks to Independent and Name Missing for those nice trophies

Thanks to Independent and Name Missing for those nice trophies
036_Lorenzo Corsi

Lorenzo Corsi

037_Christoph Kirchler

Christoph Kirchler

038_Volcom germany rider Alex Schultz convinced the judges with his quick feet

Volcom germany rider Alex Schultz convinced the judges with his quick feet

039_well deserved price money for Lovric Airlines

well deserved prize money for Lovric Airlines

040_special CBD prices for Marco Kada and Name Missing

040_special CBD prices for Marco Kada and Name Missing041_The crowds favorite - Tim Rebensdorf

The crowds favorite - Tim Rebensdorf

042_David Bachl is one to keep an eye on for sure special CBD prices for Marco Kada and David Bachl

044_Harry Lintell straight outta the UK going for the Top 5

Harry Lintell straight outta the UK going for the Top

045_Santino Exenberger

Santino Exenberger

046_Victor Doobie Pellegrin has made the first victory for France this past weekend

Victor Doobie Pellegrin has made the first victory for France this past weekend

047_The Top 5-Tyler Edtmayer, Harry Lintell, Santino Exenberger, Lorenz Schneider and Victor Pellegrin Kopie

The Top 5-Tyler Edtmayer, Harry Lintell, Santino Exenberger, Lorenz Schneider and Victor Pellegrin Kopie

048_The lucky winner Kopie

The lucky winner

049_Special award for the best neck performance - gett well soon Denis

Special award for the best neck performance - get well soon Denis

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This bonus episode of Speak Two The Wind finds CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Jackson Pilz, and others wandering through Mexico on motorcycles, embracing the ancient colonial architectures, 2,000-year-old pyramids, and various skate spots as they make their way from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende. After the U.S. and Europe tours were finished, we all agreed we had one more trip left in our reserve tanks, so we devised a plan to visit San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city 170 miles northwest of Mexico City. We took off from Mexico’s capital on motorcycles with a solid crew and ended up discovering a place called Tula, populated with 2,000-year-old pyramids and structures, it was quite a sight to see. Continuing our journey, we finally made it to San Miguel de Allende where we stayed at our friend Luka Barrena’s house who coincidentally has a skate bowl in his backyard. The bowl was perfect and his backyard was full of tents and motorcycles. A local chef even volunteered to cook the local cuisine for us. We shared good laughs and good food with the local crew, skating and sharing stories before it was time to head back to Mexico City. Once we arrived in the capital, our friends Los Viejos, who are a local metal band, played a show for us to give us a proper send off.
Abandoned Playground launch with DayOff Skateshop
On Monday 20th of August, Volcom officially launched the Abandoned Playground collection at DayOff Skateshop in Paris. Located right next to the infamous Place de la République, we set up a pop up store inside the shop for a week and celebrated the collection with a party the next day. Skate team riders Jorge Simoes and Ben Raemers came to shred the city for the occasion with young local Tom Belot, and some best tricks were organized on the plaza using abandoned objects on the Tuesday afternoon. After a good time skateboarding everybody moved to the shop to celebrate with free drinks, Volcom prizes and Joel Aubrée putting on a great tunes selection. Everyone had a blast and we want to thanks everyone who showed up ! Special thanks to Tonton Reddah and Snoop for making all this possible. Photos below by Thibault Lenours.