RESULTS | Stop #3 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2014 | Oslo, Norway

The fog was thick as soup during the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam in Oslo Vinterpark.

Anders at Oslo Vinterpark did a great job with the setup, which looked amazing and fun to ride, and the riders got quickly excited.

1 switching it up on the kink rail

Switching it up on the kink rail

There was a kinkrail, a regular down rail and a polejam gap to box feature.

2 the fog never scares vikings

The fog never scares vikings

The15 and under division did a great job on the gnarly rails, mr Sigurd Mygland walked away with the first place and tons of prizes.

The girls really killed it this year! PBRJ pioneer Dina Treland killed it on all the rails and got first place. The lovely CC Cab really impressed the judges and got 2nd place. Kirsti Øftsthus took so many gnarly slams (watch the video) that we had to bow our heads in the dust. She got the "BADASS of the day" Award.

3 bbq time to warm everyone up

BBQ time to warm everyone up

In the 16-21 division, we had a lot of gnarly rippers. A lot of crazy tricks went down, we saw a backflip out of the pole jam to 5050 on the box.  Christian Bjønness was the man of the hour with heavy trick on all the features, he got to the top spot on the podium.

4 bs rodeo rail entry

Backflip rail entry

The Open category was packed with rippers, there were guys  who had driven all the way from Stockholm to join the PBRJ circus. Local Eirik Nesse won everybody’s hearts with his super stylish and creative riding. Hugo Wennmyr from Stockholm won the Open category and a great deal of cash. The days overall ripper ended up to be Mr. Eirik Nesse. He will be at the PBRJ World Finals in Mammoth courtesy of Volcom.

The crowd was fired up all day and the vibe was amazing. Everybody enjoyed free sodas, hotdogs and amazing snowboarding.

5 the gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

The pole jam gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

Huge thanks to the guys at Oslo Vinterpark, Electric, Celtek, GoPro, Nitro, Union, Xsories, Coca Cola, Otto Prestmo, Øyvind Heggelund, Kari, Simen, Jonas and Tore Nilsen.

See ya next year!

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Volcom PBRJ Oslo, Norway | Final Ranking

1. Sigurd Mygland
2. Max Schur
3. Andreas Henstein
4. Nicolay Tolund


15 and under division winners

1. Christian Bjønness
2. Einar Fuglem
3. Kristoffer Lerånd
4. Mats Tambini
5. Konstatin Helmers


16-21 division winners

1. Dina Treland
2. CC Cab
3. Siri Stavheim


Girls division winners

1. Hugo Wennemyr
2. Eirik Nesse
3. Sigurd Lindquist
4. Ådne Bø
5. Jessi Blackwell


Open division winners

Aktuelle Nachrichten + Videos

We were fortunate enough to sit with the 3 coolest chicks we know and ask them about everything skate. If you don’t know them already, you will. London based photographer (@leilaafghan), New York skater and model Briana King (@brianaking_) and Brooklyn babe Yasmeen Wilkerson ( strutted their stuff in front of the camera and gave us some insight into their world. Leila, what's your favorite type of photography style and atmosphere to shoot? LEILA: I like weird and surreal - I shoot digital and film, but prefer the dreamy effect with film. When did you start taking skate pics and what took you there? LEILA: I started in fashion styling and photography, but am now progressing and combining documentary style, hence, taking pictures of me and my friends. Where is your favorite spot to shoot skate? LEILA: New York. Favorite spot to skate? YASMEEN: My favorite spot to skate is something new I've been fucking with called Delancey spot or BOCA LES spot. Its a walkway near the Willy B Bridge in Manhattan with a cement block, benches, curbs and other diy stuff. BRIANA: Coleman skate park. Where is the first place you skated? YASMEEN: The first place I skated was an empty parking lot by my house. I was too intimidated to skate in the open as I do now, and I barely knew how to push so I would take my board out there and try to ollie and get comfortable. BRIANA: Out front of the apartment. Where was the last place you skated? YASMEEN: LES skate park is the last place I skated. BRIANA: Blue Park Brooklyn. How many bones have you broken? BRIANA: 1 ankle. I attempted to ollie over 4 decks in front of a four stair, rolled my ankle, broke it, and couldn't trick or treat that night with my newly broken ankle. YASMEEN: My wrist (Smith fracture). Best thing about skating? YASMEEN: Best thing about skating is everything about it. The little lessons it gives you in humility, confidence, and persistence. Skateboarding taught me that strength isn't always physical. BRIANA: The homies! If I didn't skateboard I would be a lonely bub in NYC. And the worst thing about skating? BRIANA: There is no worst thing. YASMEEN: The fuck boys. ALL PHOTOS BY LEILA AFGHAN
Burger Records' Sean & Lee on believing in yourself enough to put ThisFirst
Burger Records’ founders Lee Rikard and Sean Bohrman take us back to the early days of the label through the trials and tribulations that have made them one of the fastest growing labels in the world. It may not be easy to build your own dream world, but it definitely beats working at a job that makes you miserable. Be inspired to believe in yourself. Be sure to check out the Volcom X Burger Records collection!
The Volcom Graw Cut is over
  We lent a Graw Jump ramp to ABS Lyon and to BUD Rouen for a whole month. People could take it from the shop, go for a session in town, film their best tricks, make a little Insta clip and get a chance to win one year of free Volcom Chinos ! Christian Vankelst, Volcom skate EU team manager and Paolo from Graw Jump were the juries and they were looking for the most creative clip out there. Congratulations to Enzo from ABS Lyon & to Romain from BUD Rouen ! ENZO > Check out the video here < ROMAIN > Check out the video here < If you want to see more check #VolcomBudRouen or #VolcomABSLyon on Instagram. Curious about the ramps ? Check Cheers!
Volcom X Burger Records party at Helder Supply Co
  To celebrate this launch, we hosted a party in Biarritz with our friends from Helder Supply Co. Free beer, DJ set from Musique d’Apéritif, a buttons making station and a live of Iguana Death Cult (from Holland). Everything was settle to have a wonderful time in your company. The products will stay in store at Helder Supply Co until the 10th of December. Go check it out ! You can play the custom Volcom guitar or listen to some Burger Records vinyles all day long !! Cheers :) Volcom X Burger Records Launch with Helder Supply Co, in Biarritz Live Musique and fresh beers to celebrate the launch of the Volcom X Burger Records Collection The collection is looking rad ! Meuh The psyché Volcom X Burger Records cow Choose your Burger Records vinyle you want to listen to or play the guitar if you fell like to.  Everyone is ready ... Iguana Death Cult, all the way from Holand !  Musique d'Apéritif with a good garage set Yann helping you with your DIY badges Packed room for the start of the gig !  Thanks everyone for the good time !
Take a ride in the brewster coach jacket
This season Volcom Womens is celebrating individuality and embracing a rebellious new wave that defies categorization with gender fluid styling. The rise of skate culture inspires a sporty relaxed collection that is infused with both feminine and urban elements. The coach jacket is emerging as the must have outerwear piece for womenswear. As a true expression of gender fluid styling the simple silhouette that is often coveted by our girl from the mens line has a truly skate inspired vibe. With our rock n roll Volcom Stone chest and back print we’re keeping it fresh and loyal to our DNA by combining skate culture and music to inspire us. The Brewster Coach jacket has been selected by the coolest Girls skate crew , riders and influencers across Europe this Fall. Check out footage of the girls rocking the Brewster Coach Jacket. @teenslut_girlgang @diegoreindel, @halluci_nation, @bella.heartbreak @Maudlecar and @xococoho  @Girlsshred @per_dita_,  @613charlotte,  @rooszwettie, @indy.pendent, @liswitvis @anudpijn,  @zusterzoos, @dideverkerk @sannevanlinder,  @tessal86,  @pascalleskate,  @imkeleerink @Heckmecks with @laura_kaczmarek,  @alitje, @bottrop, @loui_koe @Julia_pereira_snowboard Credit Photos: @claudia_ldr,  With: @dori_kty, @luciedulaurens, @lucie_curutchet @Chloe_sillieres     @Leilaafghan, @brianaking_ @Georgiamayjagger
A high voltage shred flick. Low sleep, high energy, snowboarding, skateboarding, loud, fast, fun, free. Featuring: Benny Milam, Reid Smith, Dylan Alito, Arthur Longo, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Torgeir Bergrem, Cody Warble, CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Scott Blum, Axel Cruyberghs, Mike Rav, Noa Deane & more