RESULTS | Stop #3 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2014 | Oslo, Norway

The fog was thick as soup during the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam in Oslo Vinterpark.

Anders at Oslo Vinterpark did a great job with the setup, which looked amazing and fun to ride, and the riders got quickly excited.

1 switching it up on the kink rail

Switching it up on the kink rail

There was a kinkrail, a regular down rail and a polejam gap to box feature.

2 the fog never scares vikings

The fog never scares vikings

The15 and under division did a great job on the gnarly rails, mr Sigurd Mygland walked away with the first place and tons of prizes.

The girls really killed it this year! PBRJ pioneer Dina Treland killed it on all the rails and got first place. The lovely CC Cab really impressed the judges and got 2nd place. Kirsti Øftsthus took so many gnarly slams (watch the video) that we had to bow our heads in the dust. She got the "BADASS of the day" Award.

3 bbq time to warm everyone up

BBQ time to warm everyone up

In the 16-21 division, we had a lot of gnarly rippers. A lot of crazy tricks went down, we saw a backflip out of the pole jam to 5050 on the box.  Christian Bjønness was the man of the hour with heavy trick on all the features, he got to the top spot on the podium.

4 bs rodeo rail entry

Backflip rail entry

The Open category was packed with rippers, there were guys  who had driven all the way from Stockholm to join the PBRJ circus. Local Eirik Nesse won everybody’s hearts with his super stylish and creative riding. Hugo Wennmyr from Stockholm won the Open category and a great deal of cash. The days overall ripper ended up to be Mr. Eirik Nesse. He will be at the PBRJ World Finals in Mammoth courtesy of Volcom.

The crowd was fired up all day and the vibe was amazing. Everybody enjoyed free sodas, hotdogs and amazing snowboarding.

5 the gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

The pole jam gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

Huge thanks to the guys at Oslo Vinterpark, Electric, Celtek, GoPro, Nitro, Union, Xsories, Coca Cola, Otto Prestmo, Øyvind Heggelund, Kari, Simen, Jonas and Tore Nilsen.

See ya next year!

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Volcom PBRJ Oslo, Norway | Final Ranking

1. Sigurd Mygland
2. Max Schur
3. Andreas Henstein
4. Nicolay Tolund


15 and under division winners

1. Christian Bjønness
2. Einar Fuglem
3. Kristoffer Lerånd
4. Mats Tambini
5. Konstatin Helmers


16-21 division winners

1. Dina Treland
2. CC Cab
3. Siri Stavheim


Girls division winners

1. Hugo Wennemyr
2. Eirik Nesse
3. Sigurd Lindquist
4. Ådne Bø
5. Jessi Blackwell


Open division winners

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